C2O Pure Coconut Water (2 Sizes)

  • C2O Pure Coconut Water (2 Sizes)
  • C2O Pure Coconut Water (2 Sizes)

Not all coconut waters are created equal. Fresh from inland coconut groves of thailand, c2o pure coconut water fuses a unique, full-flavor profile with all of the naturally occurring electrolytes sweet mother nature has to offer.

  • Pure coconut water made from young, green coconuts in Thailand
  • 100% all natural with no artificial ingredients, colors, or preservatives
  • Never from concentrate
  • Neutral pH
  • Fat Free
  • Unsweetened
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free

Item #AA1530 (17.5oz) & AA1531 (33.8oz)

Ingredients: 100% coconut water.

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Ingredients Updated: 10/15/15.